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Curriculum Intent

It is our aim through the National Curriculum, British Values, our vision, the school’s core values and related curriculum drivers that all children will flourish and reach their full potential in order to be ambitious and successful in future life.


Our Core Values are:

love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.


Our Curriculum Drivers are:

  • Inclusivity – all children succeed with knowledge and skills to be successful, a keen sense of self identity and strong self-esteem, opportunities to enhance cultural capital
  • Diversity – awareness of life beyond the village, cultural opportunities, ambitions for the future, understanding of difference, wider peer groups
  • Community awareness – a strong sense of place, understanding of courageous advocacy, increased self-esteem, ambition for the future
  • Creativity – All children are engaged by a curriculum rich in learning opportunities which excite their imagination and advance their knowledge and understanding through a wide range of creative, physical and expressive activities that take account of diverse starting points. Skills and talents are nurtured whilst broadening children’s horizons and enriching their life experiences.


Curriculum Implementation

Underpinned by our school values (including British values), curriculum drivers and learning habits our academic curriculum uses either the EYFS or the National Curriculum as the basis for content and expectations. We have structured this so that each year group has:

a) A clear list of what must be covered (curriculum map)

b) The ‘threshold concepts’ pupils should understand (Essentials Curriculum key objectives).

c) Criteria for progression within the threshold concepts (Essential Curriculum Milestones).

d) Consolidation of maths and English skills to differentiate outcomes in all subjects

e) Knowledge Organisers to ensure children retain knowledge taught

f) Access to many curriculum enhancements and experiences in consultation with all stakeholders

g) Quality first teaching to meet the specific needs of all our children


The new long term plans for Stillington School have been designed and developed to cover the National Curriculum and to enhance it, taking into account the individual needs of the children in our school.  The plan may be subject to change depending on available local opportunities which the children may benefit from.


The curriculum is the vehicle through which children learn. We understand that learning does not stop when children leave the classroom and so we offer a broad range of extra-curricular and residential visits across the school. If you would like to find out more about the curriculum Stillington School follows, please contact Mrs Heather Mensah in the School Office.


You can see how we designed our broad and balanced curriculum here.


Information on curriculum requirements for Key Stage 1 and 2 can be found by clicking here, and information regarding the Early years Foundation Stage (under 5s), can be found by clicking here.  


Impact of the Curriculum

 Our curriculum will provide children with a well-rounded and motivating learning journey individualised for our school context and cohort of children. All children whatever their need will make excellent progress through outstanding quality first teaching and differentiated planning. Throughout our school, children will progress through a carefully tailored curriculum and be ready for the next stage of their education.

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