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Design and Technology


  • A passion for design technology and knowledge of innovations in materials, products and systems.
  • The ability to manage risks exceptionally well and to manufacture products safely and hygienically.
  • The ability to use mathematic knowledge.
  • The ability to productively work with others, carry out research, show initiative, ask questions, act as responsible designers and use tools, equipment and materials to make their products.


  • Long term planning that is carefully tailored to the curriculum drivers whilst completing the National Curriculum Programme of study.
  • Chris Quigley Essential Curriculum Milestones used as a basis for planning.
  • Planning is differentiated by year groups in our mixed age classes and where appropriate consolidates skills, English and mathematics knowledge.
  • Specific vocabulary teaching within lessons.
  • Links with Howsham Mill where outdoor = DT is a focus.
  • The children will learn about designer jobs.


  • All children make good or better progress.
  • Confident, resilient learners.
  • Rich vocabulary that reflects their learning.
  • Children have a strong understanding of diversity in the world.
  • Improved cultural capital

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