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History and Geography

These are taught through a topic based approach and cover events in Britain and the wider world. Topics vary according to the age and ability of the children and include studies such as 'Tomb Raiders' (Ancient Egypt), 'Dungeons & Dragons' (medieval castles and court life), 'The Olympics' (ancient Greece), WWII, 'Food & Farming' (changes in locality & farming over time), 'Around the World', 'Upstairs, Downstairs' (Victorians), 'Rainforests' (Eco-systems and diversity) and 'Planet Ocean' (a coastal study linked with dinosaurs and environmental changes).



Children are encouraged to enjoy music and skills such as perfoming, composing, listening and appraising are developed through a wide range of activities. Children sing daily in Collective Worship and perform in end of term services and shows. Opportunities are provided to link music to topics if appropriate for example taking part in an African Drumming workshop and a salsa music workshop when studying 'Around the World'. Children are able to pursue private music tuition which parents pay for should they wish. We take part in Young Voices every three years to present children with the opportunity to sing in Sheffield Arena with live musicians and a conductor.



Children are given opportunities to develop their observational and imaginative skills in a creative and practical way. They explore a variety of media and work in both 2D and 3D. A recent project linked to 'Planet Ocean'  created an outdoor mural using bottle tops.


Physical Education

P.E is delivered through a programme of gymnastics, dance, games, athletics and swimming. Children are encouraged to develop a good sporting attitude and to challenge themselves whilst also supporting others. We have strong links with Easingwold Secondary School and other local primary schools and use the larger school as a base for inter-school competition. We take our older children on a week long residential trip to Bewerley Park every other year to allow them to experience outdoor and adventurous activities such as rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing.