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History Intent, Implementation and Impact 


  • An excellent knowledge and understanding of how historical periods and concepts are built upon over time.  
  • To develop a sense of identity through learning about the past and how history has shaped their own lives.  
  • Children to make comparisons between historical periods previously taught, developing their chronological knowledge and understanding from the Stone Age to the present day.  
  • Promote an enthusiastic engagement in history, developing curiosity, the ability to think critically and communicate ideas confidently through reflection, debate, and evaluation of the past.  


  • Planning is differentiated in every class by year group and children are given the opportunity to transfer their maths and English skills through cross-curricular links.  
  • Children are provided with chances to access historical artefacts and visit places of historical interest and take part it workshops to enhance their learning about the past. 
  • Children learn to independently, and safely, use resources from the internet and videos, and can use non-fiction books for research.
  • Children have regular speech and language opportunities, supported through frequent drama sessions, to develop their confidence to express their understanding surrounding topics covered.  
  • Specific vocabulary is set out and planned for the children, to develop a varied and extensive vocabulary by the end of KS2. 

 Knowledge and Understanding: 

The children’s understanding and knowledge of historical facts will be broadened through the teaching of the following key concepts. 

  • Social 
  • History and Me 
  • Artefacts and Technology  
  • Monarchy 
  • Religion 
  • Political/ Law 
  • Conflict and Invasion 
  • Empire 
  • Migration 
  • Significant Individuals  
  • People, Culture and Beliefs
  • Foundations and the Modern World 
  • Trade 


  • A rich and extensive vocabulary, built upon over time. 
  • Children know more, and remember more, by building upon their knowledge of key historical concepts over time helping them to make good or better progress 
  • An understanding and tolerance of diversity in our community and the world  
  • Confident and resilient learners  

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