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Physical Education (PE)


  • The ability to acquire new knowledge and skills exceptionally well and develop an in-depth understanding of PE.
  • The willingness to practise skills in a wide range of different activities and situations.
  • The ability to remain physically active for sustained periods of time and an understanding of the importance of this in promoting long-term health and well-being.
  • A keen interest in PE. A willingness to participate eagerly in every lesson, highly positive attitudes and the ability to make informed choices about engaging fully in extra-curricular sport.
  • High level of physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  • The ability to swim at least 25 metres before the end of year 6 and know how to remain safe in and around water.
  • The ability to take the initiative and become excellent young leaders.
  • All children to flourish and reach their full potential through the National Curriculum, British Values, our vision, school’s core values and related curriculum drivers.



  • PE taught everyday through skills-based sessions.
  • Sports enhancement days.
  • High quality teaching.
  • Total Sports PE coach weekly session and after school session.
  • Competitive cluster sports and Total Sports organised events.
  • Multi-skills afternoons with cluster schools.
  • Specific vocabulary teaching within lessons.



 Chris Quigley Essential Curriculum Milestones



At Stillington School we ensure that our PE curriculum is inclusive and allows children to develop the fundamental skills that they will use in a variety of sports and activities. Children are provided with opportunities to demonstrate improvement with the skills they have been given to achieve their personal best. Our pupils are physically active and understand the importance of exercise and how this leads to a healthy lifestyle. All pupils understand the values and importance of fair play and being a good sportsperson.